3rd Annual Worked All Twitter (#WATwitter) US Thanksgiving Weekend QSO Party

The 3rd Annual Worked All Twitter was again a highlight of the long Thanksgiving weekend. It was great getting on the air and working some of you, and it tickled me to see so much use of the #WATwitter hashtag on Twitter each day of the event, especially during those times when Eugene and I were away from the shack celebrating with family. At one point during Thanksgiving Day evening, Eugene checked Twitter, turned to me, and said, “They’re holding a net.” Sure enough, you were. You guys are awesome. I’m glad so many of you had fun with this.

Remember that Worked All Twitter isn’t just a Thanksgiving event. Use the hashtag any time you want to arrange a QSO. We’ll talk more about this in a later post, too. A few of us are floating around a couple of ideas about how to make it even better.

73 de NR4CB, Connie


25 Nov 2013 edit:

Our Worked All Twitter event is approaching quickly.

Take a moment to update your QRZ.com profile. Include your Twitter ID.

Take another moment and update your Twitter profile. Include your call sign.

Some of you have asked what time it starts. Since it’s not a contest for points, there’s not an official start and stop time. In fact, many of us use the #WATwitter hashtag throughout the year to help arrange QSOs. This Thanksgiving weekend event will last from Wednesday through Sunday (27 November – 1 December), but use the hashtag whenever you want to arrange a sked or see who else is available.

Want to know how this started? Here’s the first post about Worked All Twitter. Back then I was living in Florida. Now I’m in Charleston, South Carolina, and we’ve got an antenna that will get us on 40m-6m.

My husband Eugene AB4UG and I will be on the air off and on for most of the weekend. We’re @NR4CB and @imabug on Twitter. (I am also @Bionic_Nerd on Twitter, but I’ll probably just use @NR4CB.)

9 Nov 2013 edit: This post will be updated with additional information as it becomes available. Are you interested in scheduling a net or two during the QSO party? Leave a comment.

Original post: 27 Oct 2013:

Are you exhausted after CQWW? Do you love it, but are you tired of 4-second QSOs? Would you enjoy a leisurely weekend of QSOs with the hams you’ve known online but maybe never worked? Do you need a few skeds to help you finish up your WAS?

It’s almost time for our 3rd annual Worked All Twitter QSO Party, held over the long weekend of the US Thanksgiving Holiday:

  • Dates: Wednesday, 27 November – Sunday, 1 December 2013
  • Who: Any licensed operator, especially those who use Twitter
  • Where: All bands, all modes. To let as many people as possible participate, use the portion of the band open to the most people, ie the technician class portion of 10m, the general class portion of 20m, etc.
  • Exchange: your normal exchange plus your Twitter handle, especially if it’s not your call sign.
  • Spotting: Self-spotting is practically required. Tweet your frequency, interact with people on Twitter, set up skeds, get those states you’re missing for WAS, work old friends for the first time, and make new friends.
  • Hashtags on Twitter: #WATwitter and either #hamradio or #hamr. Use these hashtags in your tweets, and search for others who are using them. Interact!
  • Have fun! Log your contacts, tweet your tallies to others, but there are no scores or awards. This is about enjoying our hobby and connecting with fellow hams over the long holiday weekend.

Spread the word, and we’ll see you on the air.

73 de NR4CB, Connie (on Twitter as @NR4CB and @Bionic_Nerd)





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