Achievement unlocked: Forty laps around the sun

Today I complete my 40th lap around the sun and turn 40 years old.

Ten years ago I realized that I’d thought I’d never live to see 30, but then I did, and it was the beginning of the most incredible decade. I’m very excited about turning 40 today, and I can’t wait to see what this decade has in store for me.

I’m missing Mom a lot right now, but by chance I have a recording of her wishing me a happy birthday from 2012, only a month and a half before she died. My home phone then (and now) was an internet phone, and voice mails are saved as .wav files. When I married Eugene and cleared out my maiden name email address before moving over to my married name email address, I came across a handful of messages that I hadn’t deleted. One of them happened to be a birthday greeting. I’m grateful that worked out the way it did.

It’s only a few seconds long, but I put it up on YouTube so that I could link to it here.

Thanks, Mom. I miss you and love you.


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