Three years ago this morning, Mom died.

I’m grateful that my sister and my dad could be with her in her last moments.

I’m grateful that a friend I called was willing to take my cat so I could make the trip home to Tennessee immediately. She left work, stopped at a store to pick up something I needed for the trip, and then met me at my apartment. She took Mischief to her place, and I didn’t have to worry about how long I’d be gone. That helped me immensely. Friends like that are rare. Thank you, K.

I’m grateful for two friends who faithfully called me every day while I was home in Tennessee, checking in and talking with me to help me get through everything. Thank you, L for taking the morning shift and G for taking the evening shift.

I’m grateful for all my online friends who checked in with me over the next days, comforting me when I needed it, and distracting me when I needed that.

I’m grateful for a million more people for a million more reasons that I can’t bear to allow myself to think about right now, because it’s just to much to relive.

In the time since Mom’s death, her mother, one of her brothers, and another close relative have died. There have been too many deaths. I mourn them all. I am grateful for their lives, however brief.





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