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Welcome to new followers who found me through articles recently written about me and my trip. I’m grateful for the interest my trip is generating, and I’m glad you’re following me.

For those of you who may have missed some of the stories out there, here are a few of them.

Jerry KD0BIK wrote a very kind piece about me on his personal site … “Are We There Yet?” He submitted the article to as well, a site for which is a regular contributor. Jerry hosts the Practical Amateur Radio Podcast (or “PARP”), a free monthly program approximately 30 minutes in length that every ham and future ham should listen to.

Mac KF4LMT mentioned me on his blog in “Road Trip! The Travels of NR4CB.” Luckily for me, Mac is in the eastern part of the United States, so I’m planning on meeting up with him on my trip. I’m looking forward to that. His advice and his blog post about his mobile station is what inspired me to purchase the same model antenna for my own trip. With the help of local friend WD4JIF, I’ll be getting that installed soon.

You’ve heard me mention before how excited the Canadians are about my trip. Bob VA3QV mentioned me on his blog as well.

The Atlanta Radio Club officially announced my forum for their June 2 hamfest: “On Air, Online, and Eyeballs: The Social Side of Ham Radio.” I would love to see you there. Mark your calendars.

It’s not just North Americans who are buzzing about my trip. This morning, an Italian website (in English, too) dedicated to helping hams keep informed about the DXpeditions going on globally, published an article after having interviewed me, both in Italian “NR4CB in 6000 miglia, 2 paesi e 23 stati” and English, “NR4CB in 6000 miles, 2 countries and 23 states.” Thank you to Stefano and Pasquale for your interest in my story. I hope your readers can work me in several states as they pursue a WAS award.

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The outline of my route has been planned, but the details aren’t nailed down yet. Is there a grid that you’re looking for? A county you’re hunting? If it’s somewhere near where I’ll be, I’ll do my best to plan my route around it. Let me know in the comments.  I’ll be running 80m-6m on my Kenwood TS480SAT at about 90-95 watts and 2m on my Icom V82 at 7 watts.

73 de NR4CB, Connie

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