The Poutine Fund

I’m a single, financially-independent, unemployed, full-time student. I’m hoping to start grad school this fall. I am making a conscious choice not to seek full-time employment this summer, and I’m aware of financial implications that has.

That being said, I’m frugal. I’m trying to plan an efficient route, and I’m looking for free or dirt cheap accommodations along the way. I’ll be spending time at my Dad’s house in Tennessee; with my godkids and their parents in South Carolina; and with other friends, relatives, and tweeps * along the way.

Recently on Twitter, while discussing my excursion into Canada, my friends informed me that I must try poutine. Soon more Canucks and their sympathizers added a stop at Tim Horton’s to my itinerary, where I am required to try Timbits and a Double Double. I am all for trying new things, but I’ve got a budget. :-) So, if you would like to donate to the Poutine Fund, I’ll humbly accept your donation.

You can donate via PayPal by clicking the button in the left sidebar.

In reality, I’ll use your donations for more than just poutine. :-) After PayPal takes their cut, all donations will be used for gasoline, lodging, and food. Of course, if you would prefer to donate without letting PayPal take a portion of the funds, I’m sure we could work something out. Send me an email, please. Any amount is welcome.

Hams: I’ll be operating between 80m – 2m phone from 23 states**. I hope that I can help you work toward your WAS award or maybe get a county or grid that you’ve been hunting.


73 de NR4CB, Connie

* Tweep — a friend through Twitter

** and 2 provinces; and possibly DC if I can find a place to park and operate there; and hopefully as W1AW in late June; and as WA4USN aboard the USS Yorktown in early August


Thank you for taking the time to stop by my blog. You’ll see that this site, like my trip, is a work in progress. Everything is very subject to change, but I think that’s what makes it so exciting.

So … who am I and what am I up to?

My name is Connie, and I’m a student and a licensed amateur radio operator (my call sign is NR4CB). I’m in the process of applying to graduate schools and hoping to start a Masters program in August 2012. As of now, I’m not sure to which city I’ll be moving, but my apartment lease here is up at the end of May. I decided rather than pay rent this summer, I’m going to put my belongings in storage and couch surf. My brother is getting married in Boston in June, so I’m building my road trip around that.

What started as just an idea to take a trip and meet a few of my online Twitter friends (you’ll sometimes hear me refer to them as “Tweeps”), see family members, and of course go to my brother’s wedding, has snowballed into a full-blown road trip spanning more than 60 days, 6000 miles, 2 countries, 2 Canadian provinces, the District of Columbia, and 23 US states.

I am honored that you’re interested in following me during my adventure. There are several ways for you to follow/contact me.

1. On Air

  • 2m — using my Icom V82 HT (7 watts) and borrowed magmount
  • 80m/40m/20m/10m/6m SSB — using my Kenwood TS-480SAT (100 watts) and Opek HVT-400B [installing these in the car is still on my to-do list]
  • Hopefully as a guest operator at W1AW one day late June
  • Hopefully as a guest operator aboard the USS Yorktown as WA4USN in early August
  • I’ll be tweeting frequencies, times, locations, etc, so you’ll know from where I’ll be operating. And try to catch me while mobile, too!

2. Online

  • — This blog
  • @Bionic_Nerd — My Twitter account
  • /bionicnerd — Facebook, where I’ll be cross-posting my @Bionic_Nerd Twitter feed
  • Coming Soon: Flickr or similar for photos, including ones that don’t make it onto the blog
  • Coming Soon: an email address which goes directly to my phone

3. Eyeballs

  • Want to meet up in person as I come through your part of the Eastern US and Canada? Follow me on Twitter or Facebook and let’s arrange it. My [ever-changing, always tentative] itinerary will be updated on a separate tab on this site and of course discussed in future blog posts and in my Twitter and Facebook streams.
  • Come to the Atlanta Hamfest on Saturday, June 2, 2012. I am honored to be hosting a forum: “On Air, Online, and Eyeballs: The Social Side of Ham Radio.” I’d love to see you there.
  • My brother, not a ham radio operator, is getting married on Field Day 2012. I’m looking for a Field Day site convenient to the Cambridge area of Boston which I could visit on Sunday morning, June 24, 2012, and operate (phone) there on behalf of a local club. If you know of a club and Field Day location, please leave a comment on this post. Thank you!

Stop by often and check my progress as I get this site up and running and prepare for my trip. We’re going to have an amazing adventure, and I’m happy that you’re a part of it.

73 de NR4CB, Connie