#WATwitter Buzz

Our Worked All Twitter Thanksgiving event is generating quite a buzz around the online ham radio community.

Andrew Rohne, KE8P (formerly AC8JO), wrote a great article about #WATwitter on the Milford Amateur Radio Club website: Hamtwits and The Worked All Twitter QSO Party. It’s thanks to Andrew’s suggestion that we’re making Worked All Twitter more than just a spontaneous event and designating it an annual, planned event over the US Thanksgiving holiday weekend.

Jerry Taylor, KD0BIK, noted online ham radio Elmer, is host of the Practical Amateur Radio Podcast. Be sure to check his updates on myamateurradio.com. Today he published PARP Plus Edition 26, which includes a generous mention of our Worked All Twitter plans.

Previous #WATwitter blog entries from this site can be found listed here: http://bionic-nerd.com/index.php/category/watwitter/.

You can follow me on Twitter in two places: @Bionic_Nerd (public) and @NR4CB (send a follow request).

I’m looking forward to working my old friends on the air as well as meeting new friends.  Most of the time that I’ll be on the air for this year’s #WATwitter, Eugene @imabug AB4UG will be with me at my dad’s QTH in Tennessee. Be sure to work both of us. It’ll be like a two-for-one holiday special on hams. :-)

73 de NR4CB, Connie



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