Guidelines for the 2nd Annual US Thanksgiving Weekend #WATwitter QSO Party

As we get closer to the US Thanksgiving holiday, you’re probably making your plans. Maybe you’ll be travelling, maybe you’re following Home-Ec101‘s Countdown to Turkey Day 2012 series while getting ready to host dinner for family and friends, or maybe you’re not planning on celebrating the holiday at all. Regardless of your holiday plans, make sure you to take time to get on the air and play radio with us that weekend.

I’ve written about Worked All Twitter and how it all came about before, here and here.

Some guidelines for the 2nd Annual US Thanksgiving Weekend #WATwitter QSO Party —

  • Dates: Wednesday, November 21, 2012 – Sunday, November 25, 2012
  • Who: Any licensed operator who also uses Twitter
  • Where: All bands, all modes. To let as many people as possible participate, use the portion of the band open to the most people, ie the technician class portion of 10m, the general class portion of 20m, etc.
  • Exchange: your normal exchange plus your Twitter handle, especially if it’s not your call sign
  • Spotting: Self-spotting is practically required. Tweet your frequency, interact with people on Twitter, and get other people to meet you on the air at a specific time and frequency.
  • Hashtags: #WATwitter and either #hamr or #hamradio
  • Why? Connect with people both through social media and on the air. 
  • Have fun! Log your contacts, tweet your tallies to others, but there are no scores or awards.

How many entities do you think you’ll work over #WATwitter? We have participants from all across the continental US, plus participants in Alaska, Canada, the UK, Italy, Czech Republic, and probably more. Work on your ARRL awards for WAS, DXCC, etc, while having fun with #WATwitter.

Are you planning on participating in the 2nd Annual US Thanksgiving Weekend #WATwitter QSO Party? Put your Twitter handle and call sign in the comments of this post so others can follow you on Twitter if they’re not already.

See you online and on the air!

73 de NR4CB, Connie






Guidelines for the 2nd Annual US Thanksgiving Weekend #WATwitter QSO Party — 8 Comments

  1. I’m NR4CB; I’m on Twitter both as @NR4CB and @Bionic_Nerd; and I’ll be in Tennessee at Dad’s QTH for Thanksgiving/#WATwitter.


  2. I will be on Weds night, Thursday morning, Sat afternoon and Sunday. Planning on a special Hawtwits net and some JT65 as well. Look for me on 10M and 20M.

    @kd4ebl Scott Johnston

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